A 20-year-old Fairbanks woman is accused of stabbing her brother multiple times early Sunday morning during a drunken argument.

Tiffany M. Peters is charged with felony first-degree assault. Her brother sustained a slash wound on his upper left arm and single stab wounds to his chest, lower left abdomen and lower right side of his back. He was treated for a punctured lung and a lacerated liver at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

According to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Fairbanks court, Fairbanks police responded to a Stewart Street apartment at 4:20 a.m. and found a man on the living room floor suffering from what appeared to be fresh stab wounds. A knife was on the hallway floor and there was fresh blood from the entryway all of the way to the living room. Police asked the man who stabbed him and Peters said she did it, according to the complaint.

Peters told police the man was her brother and they lived together in the apartment. She said they had been arguing and fighting all night and he went upstairs to sleep. Peters said he found him in her bedroom, where two of her female friends were already sleeping.

Peters told police she felt uncomfortable with that because, during a past discussion about what the “R&R” in R&R whiskey stood for, her brother told her it stood for “rape and run.” Peters said she made him leave her room and she went downstairs. She returned later and found her brother asleep in her room again. She pulled him out of the room, threw a smoke detector at him and they began to push and shove each other. 

Peters said at one point she kicked her brother in the face several times but stopped when she noticed his eyes turning red. Another man in the apartment took him downstairs and both men left the apartment through different doors. Peters said she gave the other man some clothes for her brother but forgot his shoes. She armed herself with a knife because her brother was pounding on a window and yelling and she was afraid, according to the complaint.

Peters said she opened the door to put her brother’s shoes outside and he pushed his way into the apartment. She stabbed him three times and yelled for their minor brother, who also lives in the apartment, to call 911.

Peters said she tried to keep pressure on her brother’s wounds until either police or EMS arrived, according to the complaint.   

Peters’ minor brother told police that his sister and older brother were both highly intoxicated and had been pushing and shoving each other all night. He described it as mutual aggression and corroborated Peters’ statement that their brother was ringing the doorbell, knocking on the door and yelling before she stabbed him.

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