A Fairbanks man was reportedly found with 42 1/2 grams of methamphetamine and 18 1/2 grams of heroin Thursday after Fairbanks police interrupted him doing a drug deal at Birch Hill Cemetery. 

According to a criminal complaint filed Friday in Fairbanks court, police responded to the cemetery after getting a report of a red SUV and a silver sedan speeding up the hill in a suspicious manner. They arrived on scene to find Sherman Kay Howard, 38, in a Ford Expedition and a woman in the passenger seat. A silver Dodge Stratus was parked alongside the Expedition. 

The woman claimed she had a flat tire and had called Howard for help. The woman admitted she was on felony probation for a second-degree drugs misconduct charge and consented to a search of her vehicle. Police found a glass pipe and an empty syringe in the Stratus, according to the complaint.

Howard told police he had arranged to meet the woman at the cemetery for sex. Howard said he was nervous because he’d been smoking meth just before police arrived. 

Howard gave police permission to search the front passenger seat area and insinuated that if they found anything illegal it likely belonged to the woman, according to the complaint. Police found a green bag under the seat and noticed a strong smell of vinegar, an odor often associated with heroin.

Police searched the bag and found two clear plastic bags containing a total of 43 1/2 grams of meth, a large amount of blue pills, a digital

scale and a large amount of clear Ziploc baggies. A plastic bag found on the floor under the green bag contained 18 1/2 grams of heroin. A total of $751 in cash was found in Howard’s pocket and wallet, according to the complaint. 

The woman agreed to speak to police about the incident and was taken to the police station. She told investigators she called Howard to buy some heroin and had done so numerous times in the past. Howard told her to meet him at the cemetery, and police arrived before she could complete her purchase. 

Howard is charged with one count of felony second-degree drugs misconduct. 

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