A 29-year-old Fairbanks man was arrested Tuesday night after an inmate at Fairbanks Correctional Center reported his girlfriend had been sexually assaulted at a west Fairbanks home.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court, the woman called her boyfriend at the jail and said her roommate, Aaron Cornelius, had assaulted her. The boyfriend called a friend and asked her to check on the woman because he could not contact her. The friend called Alaska State Troopers and they responded to the house.

The woman told troopers she was lying on the bed in Cornelius’ room and talking to her boyfriend on the phone when Cornelius got on top of her. Cornelius wrapped his arms around her, put his hand down her pants and penetrated her with his finger, according to the complaint. She told Cornelius to stop but he did not. She was able to squirm out from under him and went into a bathroom to call her boyfriend. 

After the incident, Cornelius apologized to the woman and told her that her boyfriend had asked him to do that to her, according to the complaint. 

Cornelius was arrested and charged with felony first-degree sexual assault and the woman was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a forensic exam. Cornelius admitted to putting his hands around the woman but denied putting his hands down her pants and penetrating her.

Guards at FCC found a small container of methamphetamine in Cornelius’ pants pocket, according to the complaint. Cornelius was charged with an additional count of fifth-degree drugs misconduct. 

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