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A 30-year-old Eagle man faces 25 felony and misdemeanor charges for reportedly strangling a neighbor, threatening her with a gun, burning down his house and fighting with Alaska State Troopers.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court, troopers responded to Eagle after getting multiple reports that Michael O. Boseman had assaulted several people and had possibly set fire to his home. Troopers went to Boseman’s house on Nov. 14 and found it burned to the ground and scorch marks on the surrounding trees and vehicles. They spoke to his neighbor, who said she let him hang out and relax at her house and woke up to hear him yelling on the phone. She asked him to be quiet and went upstairs to get away from him. 

Boseman followed her upstairs, hit her several times on the head, pulled her to the floor by her hair and began strangling her from behind with his arm around her throat, according to the complaint. The woman said she didn’t pass out but lost control of her bodily functions during the attack.

After Boseman stopped strangling the woman, he stood over her on her bed and would not let her leave for a long while. She repeatedly asked him to let her go and Boseman eventually left her alone upstairs. The woman went downstairs with the intent of leaving the house and realized Boseman was outside and had smashed out her window with a rifle. Boseman pointed the rifle at her and tracked her movements with it until her daughter arrived. He let the women go, and the two women took refuge at a neighbor’s house, according to the complaint.

Boseman’s wife told troopers that he came back from the woman’s house and said she “isn’t my friend anymore. She’s just like the rest of them.” His wife became frightened and was getting their two daughters ready to leave when Boseman threw one of their coats on a burning wood stove, according to the complaint. He would not let his wife remove the coat from the stove, and she and her daughters left after her father came to get them. Boseman’s wife later saw flames and an orange glow coming from their house and was told by other villagers that the house was burning.

Troopers tracked Boseman through the community and saw him running toward his parents’ house. They found him standing on his parents’ porch in front of a broken window and acting extremely agitated and aggressive, according to the complaint. Boseman resisted being placed in handcuffs and continued to struggle with troopers after his arrest.

Boseman is charged with first-degree arson, kidnapping, second-degree unlawful contact, two counts of first-degree burglary, two counts of second-degree assault, four counts of third-degree assault, nine counts of fourth-degree assault and five counts of fifth-degree criminal mischief. 

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