Alaska State Parks has temporarily closed the Colorado Creek Trail due to the partial collapse of the Colorado Creek bridge. The bridge, which is on a trail located in the Chena River State Recreation Area, is damaged beyond the point of repair, so staff are working on replacing it and are hoping to reopen the trail by late November.

“We want to get it replaced by Nov. 24. We’ll get a couple of long beams in there and re-deck it and make it available. We want to get it fixed as soon as possible,” Alaska State Parks Northern Region Superintendent Brooks Ludwig said.

The bridge is situated roughly 2.5 miles from the Colorado Creek trailhead. Ludwig said that the Colorado Creek Cabin, which is roughly 6.5 miles along the trail, has been “admin-ed,” meaning it can’t be booked out by the public, until the bridge is replaced.

According to Ludwig, the bridge is falling apart due to basic wear and tear.

“It was an old, old bridge. I‘m amazed it held up as long as it has,” Ludwig said. “I don’t know if the creek flooded this summer or whatever, but it definitely caved in.”

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