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A North Pole man who reportedly tried to pull a knife on a Fairbanks police officer while resisting arrest early Tuesday morning was also armed with a can of bear spray, a Leatherman multi-tool and a loaded flare gun.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court, police responded to a report of a man trying to break into employee vehicles at the Home Depot parking lot and found Jerome Frank Phillips Jr., 40, near Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Phillips took off running and was intercepted by a newly arrived officer.

Phillips fought the officer, called him a derogatory name and reached for a large knife from his left hip. The officer temporarily subdued Phillips with an arm lock, but Phillips broke free and tried to reach for the Leatherman tool on his right hip. A second officer secured Phillips in a cross-face lock but Phillips continued to resist. Phillips was handcuffed with the help of an off-duty police officer after four minutes of struggling and fighting.

In addition to the bear spray and flare gun, Phillips also had a methamphetamine pipe with him, according to the complaint.

One officer sustained a pulled hamstring and scrapes and bruises on his knees. Another officer suffered scrapes on his knee and arm and a possible sprained wrist.

Phillips is charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was previously convicted of vehicle theft in 2015, felony third-degree assault and interfering with a domestic violence report in 2012, felony second-degree burglary in 2007 and felony second-degree criminal mischief in 2000.

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