FAIRBANKS—A bear has been showing up in residential areas east of Fairbanks recently, but it hasn't prompted any trouble calls.

Over the last two weeks, people have reported seeing a bear in the area ranging from 11 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road to Badger Road. The bear was reported most recently on Dennis Road off Badger Road, said Tony Hollis, an area wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Fairbanks.

People have reported seeing a bear that's been variously described as a black bear, a grizzly bear and a young grizzly bear. Hollis expects people are describing the same bear. Most people describe it as a young grizzly, he said.

The frequency of sightings about this bear has increased in the last few days, Hollis said. Bears occasionally pass through Fairbanks neighborhoods, but this is the first time in a few years that a bear has remained this long in a residential area, he said.

There haven't been any reports of the bear raiding trash cans or killing dogs, he said.

"We're monitoring the situation, we're keeping tabs on where he shows up next and we'll be following the situation to see if he decides to leave the area or if he stays around and something needs to be done," Hollis said.

People can help the department track the bear by reporting sightings to the front desk at the Department of Fish and Game Fairbanks office at 459-7206.

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