This article had been edited to reflect the following correction: A reference to Goessel's criminal history has been removed, Goessel has no previous drug trafficking convictions.

FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks man agreed to plead guilty and accept a six-year jail term for stashing distribution-level quantities of cocaine and marijuana in a downtown Fairbanks business bathroom more than 18 months ago.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Ronald Goessel Jr., 39, pleaded guilty last week to third-degree drugs misconduct last week for possessing a container with about half a pound of marijuana and 13.9 grams of cocaine. An employee discovered the container at a Co-Op Plaza bathroom above a ceiling tile. Another drug charge, based on allegations that Goessel ditched other drugs in a police car when he was arrested in December 2011, was dismissed.

Fairbanks police planned to catch someone in the act of retrieving the drugs from the Co-Op bathroom, and were suspicious of Goessel, who has a family with a business in the plaza. He came to the Co-Op and looked at the bathroom door while undercover police staked out the area, but did not go in, according to the case against him. He was charged after the drug container was taken to the state crime lab and found to have his finger prints on it.

Goessel’s sentencing is scheduled for June.

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