Question Ballots Counted

Democratic candidates for Senate District A Scott Kawasaki, left, and House District 1 Kathryn Dodge, right, watch as question ballots are tallied at the Fairbanks Division of Elections downtown Tuesday afternoon, November 13, 2018. Dodge trails Republican Bart LeBon by 79 votes, with Kawasaki trailing Republican Pete Kelly by only 11 votes.

The Alaska Supreme Court today issued an opinion explaining its Jan. 4 ruling that Republican Rep. Bart LeBon won the House District 1 race over Democrat Kathryn Dodge in the November election.

LeBon won by one vote, an outcome that was certified by the director of the Division of Elections.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling Jan. 4 affirming the outcome of a recount and indicated that an opinion in the matter would follow. Friday's ruling is that opinion.

LeBon received 2,663 votes; Dodge received 2,662. House District 1 includes central Fairbanks.

Dodge, a former member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly who is now running for city mayor in the October election, had challenged four ballots. She challenged one as an overvote, meaning it contained marks in more than one oval, and challenged the residency of voters in three other ballots.

The court's Friday ruling did not address the overvote but cited various reasons for rejecting Dodge's claims about residency of voters who cast the other three ballots.

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