K-9 Team

Alaska State Trooper K-9 Lenox helped find $50,000 of illegal drugs in Fairbanks just five days after his graduation from a drug detection program. 

An Alaska State Troopers K-9 team recently helped locate $50,000 worth of methamphetamine and heroin just five days after completing drug detection training.

K-9 Lenox and handler Trooper Brian Hibbs were one of six teams to graduate from the troopers’ K-9 Detector Academy in Fairbanks on Oct. 19, according to a trooper news release issued Thursday. Lenox and Hibbs put their training to the test Oct. 24 while helping a Fairbanks-area narcotics team find and seize a significant amount of illegal drugs. A loaded handgun and a Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck were also seized in the operation. 

Lenox is named after Trooper Gabriel Lenox Rich, who was shot and killed along with trooper Sgt. Scott Johnson while trying to arrest a man in the village of Tanana on May 1, 2014. 

The K-9 Detector Academy is a rigorous six-week course in which dogs learn to focus on scent detection and how to handle a broad range of situations. The handlers are tested on their training philosophy, handling skills and dog psychology. The next training phase is Patrol Dog Academy, in which the K-9 and handler teams hone their tracking, apprehension and handler protection skills. 

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