Alaska State Troopers

Late Saturday morning an Alaska State Troopers patrol vehicle was found covered in eggs in Delta Junction, according to a Trooper Dispatch. The vehicle was out of service for an hour while it was cleaned and disinfected, and troopers are now looking for those responsible.

The dispatch states that the vehicle was “vandalized to a point that prevented it from going into service as to serve and protect the citizens the community of Delta Junction and surrounding areas.”

“Investigation revealed that sometime during the night, person(s) threw several eggs striking the patrol vehicle, to a point the rear window was obscured with egg residue,” the dispatch reads. “The vehicle was out of service for a period of an hour for cleaning and disinfecting.”

Anyone with any information relating to the incident is asked to contact state troopers. In the meantime, Troopers are reviewing security footage. The dispatch notes that Delta Junction has a “very limited amount of law enforcement officers to respond for a wide spectrum of types of calls.”

“During these serious times; an emergency vehicle and first responder not being able to respond to the needs a call of its community is a serious situation,” the dispatch states. “The loss of one vehicle and patrol Trooper could be catastrophic to the community they serve.”

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