Volunteers are walking to help students who might otherwise have to drop out for nonpayment of tuition at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College.

The walk to raise tuition funds began this past Monday and continues through next Monday. Tuition payments are due Sept. 10.

Every semester, some students face dropping out because of nonpayment of tuition.

“Now more than ever, during these hard times of COVID-19, CTC students are struggling with employment, child care and more,” according to the CTC website. “CTC faculty and staff want to help these students continue to move forward with their education goals and discover success at CTC.”

Volunteers can sponsor a walker and pledge a certain amount per mile, pledge a flat fee, or just make a donation. Go to www.ctc.uaf.edu/uaf-ctc-walks-for-students.

“At CTC, we are very student-centered and have the desire to see each one succeed,” said Karalee Watts of CTC. “We want to help students to keep moving forward in their lives and education, so we are walking for them.”


365 SMART Academy

Virtual day camps were so successful this past summer for Summer Sessions/Lifelong Learning that something similar has been created to serve homeschoolers.

The 365 SMART (Science, Math, Art, Recreation and Technology) Academy was designed and is offering 16 courses.

“The spaces are divided up between five home school programs so that all of their children had equal access to the courses,” said Michell Bartlett, director of Summer Sessions/Lifelong Learning. “Currently, we have 100 children who will be participating from all over the state.”

There is still room for another 100 students.

The classes include animation and digital art; archaeology; babysitter training; baking together; building an indoor garden; cartooning; explorations in art; geophysics; junior author; PE with a pro; photography; rocks rock: geology, geophysics, sculpture and 3D design; and STEAM ahead.

Some classes are geared for students as young as second grade. Others are for middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Details are available at sites.google.com/alaska.edu/365-smart-academy/home.

When virtual day camps were created due to COVID this past summer, organizers had an unexpected surprise.

“Students enrolled not only from Fairbanks, but from around the state, including Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, Big Lake and Valdez,” Bartlett said. “We even had students from out of state, including Missouri, Florida and Virginia.”

“This was such a positive outcome that we never expected,” she added. “About three weeks ago, it occurred to me that with this virtual content, the camps might prove to be wonderful learning experiences for homeschoolers around the state.”

After consultation with homeschool programs, the 365 SMART Academy was born. 

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