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A feisty unicorn and a super-competitive reindeer battled over who would lead Santa’s sleigh during the annual Christmas play at the Tr-Valley Community Library last week.

Elementary students and tykes from Story Hour are in the audience when longtime library volunteers act out a Christmas story from the pages of a library book every holiday season. This year, the book was “Never Let A Unicorn Meet A Reindeer!” by Diane Alber.

To the delight of the young audience, those characters came to life in a big way. It wasn’t long before both the unicorn and the reindeer had their own cheering sections, with children shouting out their favorite character: “Unicorn! Unicorn!” or “Reindeer! Reindeer!”

It’s also a tradition every year that at some time during the story, a spray bottle appears and the audience gets lightly sprayed with water. Anticipation grows as many in the audience wonder when that will happen. There were plenty of excited shrieks from the audience when it finally occurred during a bulls-eye contest between the unicorn and the reindeer.

Former school librarian Peggy Menke and longtime volunteers Barb Walters and Tina Graham make this happen every year. They also recruited Malia Walters’ acting skills as the summer Santa.

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