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The recent holiday bazaar for home school students, sponsored by IDEA Homeschool, is not your everyday holiday craft fair. It’s an opportunity to showcase student creativity and business sense.

“This is our fifth year,” Melissa Mitchell said. “It started with Lemonade Day. We wondered, ‘How can we support students in business? We have a lot of talented students.’”

The holiday bazaar was launched and opened to all home school students. These students create their own crafts, pay a fee for the table and decide themselves what to do with the proceeds. This year’s bazaar was held at the Shoppers Forum Mall, in space donated by Orion’s Belt School of Defense. In exchange, one table offered silent auction items — one from each table — to support Iditarod musher Nora Sjalin.

There were some very talented crafters and I did not leave empty handed.

Ender Huffman, 71/2, showed off a table filled with puppets made from paper. Each had a movable head and mouth. His siblings made scented slime in a variety of colors — a surprising new gift item idea.

Remington the Elf, aka Remington Kuck, 10, dressed the part to man his table of bottle cap art. For the past two years, he has donated all his proceeds to a seven-member family through the Angel Tree program.

“Santa can’t make it to everyone, so he needs a little help sometimes,” his mother said.

Joyleen Sapp, 13, and Harleigh Redman, 13, presided over the table for J&H Design. Joyleen hand made colorful bags and Harleigh displayed a bowl filled with homemade scrunchies.

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