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Dogs and their owners came in colorful pairs to the annual meeting of Companions Inc. last week.

There was Molly, dressed as a beautiful princess, and her handsome date, Gemini, wearing a top hat. Lumi the French poodle was there, along with Lily the Chihuahua and Reggae, a little dog dressed up as a Boise State football fan.

Quite often, the human costumes complemented the dogs’ attire. Maria was clearly made up as a Day of the Dead model, while her two dogs Timmy and Siri showed off gems on their foreheads.

Companions Inc. is a nonprofit agency in Fairbanks made up of volunteers who bring their pets for therapeutic visits to places like Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Denali Center, the University of Alaska Fairbanks during finals week and more. It was fitting that the meeting was held at Denali Center, a regular destination for these volunteers and their dogs. Many residents were there to admire the pet costume contest.

Read more about this volunteer organization in my column this week. In addition to therapy work with residents, they honor other organizations that support people and animals.

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