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Sid the snake

Sid the ball python was the first creature featured on "R&R Acres Lunchtime Animal Chats." Chickens are next on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Alaska time on Facebook Live. 

Liz Reeves de Ramos of Fairbanks shared her love of animals on a special Facebook Live session Monday, and started by introducing a snake named Sid.

Her new twice-weekly Facebook Live sessions are open to anyone who wants to tune in. Viewers can ask questions online and she answers them in real time. Although she plans to focus on animals from her small farm R&R Acres, she decided to first feature her house pet, Sid the Snake.

“I decided to do the live share because I knew there were a lot of kids at home since schools are closed down and parents are trying to keep them occupied and entertained,” she said. “I figure I have some cool animals that I can teach kids about and occupy their minds for a couple minutes a few times a week.”

“I know a lot of people are sharing their music and art across the internet right now and this is my contribution,” she added.

She decided to start with a snake, because most people are not familiar with snakes.

De Ramos grew up in the Denali area and now lives in Fairbanks. She and her husband Carlos are owners of two horses, four goats, one cat, three dogs, 20-25 chickens and Sid the Snake.

She introduced 5-year-old Sid to the world on Monday, affectionately handling the ball python as she shared facts about the creature.

“Honestly, I never thought I would have a snake but a few friends had them, and so I interacted with theirs and got less scared of them,” she said. “Then a lady posted Sid on Facebook, saying she needed to rehome him and I decided ‘why not’ and brought him home.”

“I also became good friends with her as well, so I got a noodle friend and a human friend out of the deal,” she said.

Her Facebook Live session was about 20 minutes long and filled with firsthand information about the ball python.

“Snakes are not slimy,” she said, as Sid slid around her arm and hand. “A lot of people expect them to be slimy, but they are very dry. It’s kind of pleasing.”

Sid eats one medium sized rat every two weeks. 

She also shared that in their native habitat, ball pythons live in burrows underground and do not climb trees. Generally nocturnal, the python has very poor vision, and instead utilizes heat sensors at the top of its mouth. The python sheds is skin and she had a shed skin to display.

The entire session was very informative. She intends to continue these Facebook Live episodes every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Alaska Time. It’s called “R&R Acres Lunchtime Animal Chats” and can be found on Facebook.

She’s not worried about running out of animals to feature.

“I have friends that are going to loan me some other farm animals if it seems like there is a lot of interest.” she said. “Might be able to get rabbits and sheep and cows as well.”