Social distancing isn’t a problem for kids in Interior Alaska. From Nenana to Cantwell, kids are enjoying the outdoors and finding ways to stay busy inside.

In my neighborhood of McKinley Village, there’s a new “Simon Says” Facebook page. It was created “in an effort to stay connected at a time when we are all forced to stay apart.”

Two of my youngest neighbors provided the first day challenge, a video of themselves enthusiastically doing 10 jumping jacks. So there I was, later in the day, also doing 10 jumping jacks and adding my video to the page, along with many of my neighbors.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s challenge will be. The page is a way to stay active and connected in our small community.

“We may be far apart, but we can all be in this together,” the page says.

Plenty of families took advantage of the social distancing guidelines to head into the wilderness — sledding, playing pond hockey, building snowmen, ice fishing.

In Nenana, the Jacobsen boys made a batch of “Snow Ice Cream.” Mom Mindy Jacobsen shared the recipe, which takes about five minutes to whip together.

1 cup milk

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 pinch salt

8 cups clean snow

Optional sprinkles for topping.

Whisk it all together, stirring in the milk to the desired consistency. The ice cream should be fluffy, not runny. It melts quickly, so dive in.

In Healy 4-year-old Willa got our her paints and painted a lovely rainbow to share with Alaska Caring Notes. It’s a program that encourages kids to upload notes or drawings for seniors isolated in nursing homes.

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