Children at the Fairbanks Children’s Museum had some amazing stories to tell during Career Day, when they visited the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner journalism table. Most of them were very young and more comfortable telling their stories by drawing pictures.

If they didn’t have a story idea in mind, we offered the “Spinning Wheel of Story Ideas.” With a mighty spin, children waited for the needle to land on a variety of topics: summer, winter, school, best day ever, best friends, food, moose, home, vacation, pets and more.

A 4-year-old was quite disappointed that there were no unicorns on the wheel. I invited her to draw a story about a unicorn.

When I saw her finished drawing, I asked, “What is that exactly?”

“A potato,” she said. “It fell into the water and got all wet.”

Not a unicorn in sight.

Twelve-year-old Raegen loves to draw flowers. She said if she keeps practicing, her mother may turn one of her flower drawings into a tattoo.

Carter, 8, shared a very detailed story of his trip to California, where temperatures soared as high as 100 degrees. He asked me: “Are temperatures in California Celsius or Fahrenheit?”

His story included a drawing of his mother “just standing there, taking a picture.”

There were stories of a moose doing a backflip, best friends going to school together, a lost puppy running through a store, and more.

The little girl who loves unicorns left her potato drawing and walked over to the scientist table. There, scientist Laura Oxfoley had a poster that read, “Science makes me think of ...”

Her answer? Unicorns, of course.

Watch next week for more stories about Career Day and all the careers that were represented at the Fairbanks Children’s Museum.

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