Early Voting

Shirley Hanchett casts her ballot at the Division of Elections office downtown after she and her husband John Hanchett, back right, took advantage of early voting in the primary election Monday, August 20, 2018 because they will both be working a polling station on election day.

FAIRBANKS—Primary election day is Tuesday in the state of Alaska. For residents wanting to know more about voting guidelines and procedures, here is your handy guide:

Polling locations open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. If you don't know your polling location, you can either find it at www.elections.alaska.gov. or call the local Division of Elections office.

"If you go our main page website, right on the front page on the far right it says 'When and where to vote'," said Jeremy Johnson, Fairbanks regional supervisor for the Alaska Division of Elections. "However, our website can be a little finicky. The easiest thing to do is to call our office at 451-2835, and we can probably navigate system a lot faster and let folks know where their polling location is."

Voters can also call the polling place locater at 1-888-383-8683.

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Voters will have two ballots from which to choose: the Republican ballot and the combined ballot. The Republican ballot covers only Republican candidates and is available for voters registered as Republican, nonpartisan or undeclared. The combined ballot includes Democratic candidates, Libertarian candidates and the Alaskan Independence Party. Any registered voter, including a voter registered as Republican, can vote this ballot.

More than 50 percent of Alaska residents are registered as nonpartisan or undeclared, Johnson said.

Johnson said it's important to check which ballot you're eligible to vote on.

"If you’re registered Democrat, you are only eligible to vote on a Democrat ballot," Johnson said. "If registered Democrats vote on a non-Democrat ballot, it becomes a question ballot and it doesn't count."

Upon arriving at your polling location, provide a form of identification to the polling officials, who will hand you the ballot for the correct district. This form of identification can be an Alaska driver's license, a voter registration card or even a fishing or hunting license, Johnson noted.

Johnson said results should be coming in shortly after polls close.

"It should be about half an hour for results from urban districts," he said.

Results from rural districts take longer because each ballot must be hand-counted, he said.

Questions about polling locations, registration or ballots can be directed to the Fairbanks Division of Elections office at 451-2835.

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