JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Four people made it to shore after their small airplane crashed Wednesday afternoon in the water northwest of Juneau.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Meredith Manning says all four were taken to the hospital in Juneau, but the extent of their injuries weren't immediately known.

Manning says the pilot issued a mayday call, saying the engine had died. He was going to attempt to land the Cessna 180 on the beach on the east side of Lynn Canal, north of Berners Bay.

She says the plane crashed in the water, and it wasn't visible when responders arrived.

A Coast Guard and a private helicopter landed on the beach. The private helicopter took one passenger to the hospital, and the Coast Guard delivered the other three to waiting ambulances at Juneau International Airport for transport to the hospital.

Manning says Cessna was flying from Juneau to Haines.