KETCHIKAN, Alaska - A commercial gillnet boat damaged by fire has been delivered to Ketchikan.

The 36-foot Shelo was salvaged Tuesday following the Sept. 3 fire, the Ketchikan Daily News reported (

The U.S. Coast Guard was informed about the fire after the fact. Spokesman Lt. Ryan Erickson said there were two crew members aboard, and they were evacuated from the Shelo.

One reportedly had injuries but Erickson said the agency has not been able to contact the crew member to verify.

The boat caught on fire in the upper Nakat Inlet. Before it was taken to Ketchikan, the Coast Guard put boom around it but there was no visible sheen. The Shelo reportedly had 300 gallons of fuel on board.

"When they were finally able to get out to the vessel, they only got about 15 gallons of oily water mixture, so it was hard to tell if any of that fuel actually burned up or if it just dissipated naturally," Erickson said.

Both the vessel owner and operator had insurance. An insurance company is taking care of the cleanup.

"They're doing a good job of it," he said.

The Shelo was put on a barge and delivered to Ward Cove in Ketchikan.



Information from: Ketchikan (Alaska) Daily News,