JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska House lawmakers are scheduled to take up measures Wednesday that would expand the right to self-defense and protect gun rights.

HB24, from Rep. Mark Neuman, R-Big Lake, would allow people to use deadly force in self-defense in any place they have a legal right to be, more commonly referred to as a "stand-your-ground" law. Neuman has tried, unsuccessfully, to get the bill passed during the past several years.

The House Judiciary Committee is also scheduled to hear HJR4. The resolution, by Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage, urges President Barack Obama to rescind his 23 executive actions related to guns and asks Congress to refrain from passing legislation that restricts the right to bear and keep arms.

"Proposed legislation is piling up in congress that outright ignores the Second Amendment by banning many types of firearms and creating gun registries that could be used to seize lawfully owned guns," Millett said in her sponsor statement. "The tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado were heartbreaking for all Americans; however, the best approach to preventing those incidents from happening again should come at the state level."

The Alaska Legislature has pending three separate pieces of Republican-sponsored legislation this session - SJR6, HB69, and HJR4- that affirm support for the Second Amendment.


For information on HB24, http://bit.ly/WP4Uil .

For information on HJR4, http://bit.ly/Xostus .