An Anchorage Republican representative has been charged along with two others in a voter misconduct case dating back to 2018.

Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux was charged last week in a case stemming from a two-year investigation into “irregularities” in a number of absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots returned for the primary election for LeDoux’s House District 15.

The charges involve both the 2018 primary and general elections and allege that LeDoux provided false information on voter registration forms to show a residence address in House District 15 when there is evidence the two residents were not living and had no intent to live at the addresses provided at the time of the election. 

The individuals involved in the 2018 investigation are being charged alongside LeDoux. 

Charging documents also allege LeDoux solicited similar action by other individuals in 2014 in the hopes of ensuring they could vote in her district as well. 

LeDoux did not address the charges in great detail in a short statement emailed to reporters last Friday.

“Earlier today, I learned of the charges from the Department of Law. Because this is a pending legal matter, I cannot comment about the details other than to state that I am innocent of all charges and look forward to clearing my name in a court of law,” LeDoux wrote.

The court has not yet set a date for hearings. 

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