Hello, Fairbanks and thank you for reading the Bud Hub. This edition I sampled some products from retailers which are new or with whom I do not frequent. Time to break it up and see what’s new out there! Please direct questions or suggestions to our editor, Rod Boyce at rboyce@newsminer.com

Skywalker OG ~ (26.11% THC, 0.8% CBD, 2.77% terpenes) Grown by DKW Farms,  purchased at Wishful Things in Fairbanks. This indica dominant flower has a very appealing aroma, it reminds me of a salon in the 1980s — that floral / chemical scent you detect in the background of most hair salons from perfumes and chemicals. The buds were light sage green with orange hairs and lots of frost. Skywalker OG’s smoke is extremely floral and somewhat sour it also has nice hashy undertones. I was impressed with this strain, a cross of Skywalker and OG Kush genetics. It was calming and euphoric. I love this strain now! Can’t wait to try more from DKW Farms.


Strawberry Diesel ~ (19.75% THC 0.93% terpenes) Grown by Black Rapids. I picked up a four pack of these pre-rolls for $16 from Rebel Roots in Fairbanks. I happened to pull in on an evening that they were closed. But, a budtender spotted me and was happy to serve. High-quality material was used for these pre-rolls — it’s evident by the kiefy flavor and the fat, dense half gram rolls. FYI, a shorter preroll generally indicates that better material was used to roll them, more kief. (Weighs more but takes up less space than leafier materials)  These are some of the best pre-rolls that I’ve had for a long time, I definitely detect the flavors of strawberry and diesel. The effects were very nice and I was pleased overall with the product and the service. I also noticed that Black Rapids was carrying half ounces of sugar leaf in Strawberry Diesel for only $48. That’s a great value for somebody who loves to roll their own. I’ll be back!! Thanks, Black Rapids and Rebel Roots. 

Purple Skunk Mass ~  (20.99% THC .09% CBD and 1.15% terpenes) This variety is an indica dominant hybrid grown by Aurora Blaze and purchased at the Fairbanks Cut. This is my favorite flower from this round of the Bud Hub. The buds were beautiful, they were tri-colored.  (Frosty purple and green buds — white, purple and green) This strain is best described as extremely fruity. Fruity! Fruity! Fruity aroma! It was also long burning and the effects were long lasting. Happy, thoughtful, refreshed and pleasant describe my reaction to Purple Skunk Mass. I really like the quality of these buds and the attention to quality you sense. I also would like to mention that they have nice budtenders on shift, a few familiar faces from the industry.  Good job so far Fairbanks Cut! 

Mimosa ~ (17.29% THC, 20% CBD) Manufactured by Good Titrations, purchased at Chena Cannabis in North Pole. This concentrate had a unique THC:CBD ratio and I was interested in this variety as I notice it popping up more and more among the new vapor products, such as the Darts. I had a hard time fitting the cartridge to an acceptable battery, this was a WIC model. But I have been looking for something with a good amount of CBD in it, and I enjoy the ease and convenience of a vape cartridge. The flavor can be best described as root beer, which I enjoyed but it did not remind me of a crisp, sparkling mimosa. Nonetheless, I intend to make good use of this amazing sauce. Great price as well, Chena Cannabis, at $25 for half a gram.