Nov. 5, 2002 — As state transportation workers scrambled to repair roads ripped apart during Sunday’s magnitude 7.9 earthquake, residents in some rural villages were struggling to reassemble their lives.

“It’s devastating,” Mentasta schoolteacher Barb Dalke said Monday afternoon, “but we’re getting things together.

Homes were off their foundations, huge cracks in the earth ran underneath houses and toppled fuel tanks lay on their sides, Dalke said.


Nov. 5, 1987 — State geologists think the Lime Peak-Mount Prindle area north of Fairbanks could contain $3.7 billion worth of tin, gold and silver.

“If it’s true, it’s significant,” said Bill Robertson, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Land Management. “Tin is a big strategic metal.”


Nov. 5, 1962 — SAIGON, South Vietnam — The war in Vietnam has brought death to three more Americans.

Two U.S. Air Force pilots were killed early today in the crash of a Vietnamese Air Force B26 fighter-bomber believed brought down by communist ground fire. A U.S. soldier was killed Sunday night by a grenade presumably thrown by a communist.

The deaths raised to 37 the number of Americans killed in Vietnam since last December.


Nov. 5, 1937 — Justice is about to be done.

When the whistle blows at noon tomorrow, a kangaroo court will open a public session at the steps of the Fairbanks Federal Building, and woe unto slick-shaven members of the Dorman H. Baker Post of the American Legion. They will be publicly tried, prosecuted, penalized and punished.