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Where would we be if we were not here? Who is God? Who am I?” These thoughts and others like

them were a part of Cheryl’s earliest memories in childhood. Raised in remote Kodiak, Alaska

without electricity, running water, television or a phone, Cheryl maintained her connection to Source

(God), aware of the dance of life in ways most forget in childhood due to societal conditioning so

prevalent in our mainstream culture. As a teenager and young adult, she was blessed with the

experiences of living life as a minority in Hawaii. The strong presence of spirituality in Hawaii’s

culture also gave Cheryl a unique understanding of humanity, this world and how it’s tied to the

Universe and Source.

A multi-generational Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Medium, Cheryl has experienced communication

with other dimensions since early childhood. Over the years, her "human experiences" have varied

greatly with lessons in compassion, judgment, tolerance, understanding and love. She has

developed an intense appreciation for being consciously aware and response-able in her life and

knows her life purpose is to assist others awaken to Higher Truth and living an empowered and

joyous life. Family dynamics, the Now Children and Authentic, self empowerment for all, family

dynamics, and the Crystal/Indigo/Rainbow Children are her passion and focus.

Cheryl has been professionally reading for clients since 1997, although she's had a lifelong

experience of receiving information from other dimensions for the benefit of healing on all levels -

spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

A proud mother of two incredible young men, Hayden and Gabriel, Cheryl has more than 25 years

experience as a parent. Cheryl has a very unique perspective of the family unit, parenting, and the

spiritual purposes of the family. Her often controversial perspective and choices as a parent has

proven to produce solid results over the test of time. Her sons are both thriving, healthy and

contributing young adults in a hectic and ego-centrically focused world. Cheryl considers her love,

time and focused intentions as a mother to be her greatest contribution in the world yet.

A visionary and idealist, Cheryl is certain of humanity’s ability to live a life as beautiful, peaceful and

harmonious as one dares to imagine - and is committed to being the change she dreams of seeing

in the world. As a Holistic Practitioner, lifelong intuitive visionary, Mother and Lover of All Life, Cheryl

lives as she teaches and compassionately guides from a loving perspective.

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