We have a extraordinary surge of emaciated marine mammals usually described as malnourished skinny thin underfeed but they all died and are all emaciated when they are found .

For every dead emaciated mammals found it is estimated that 10 are not . With over 165 emaciated gray whales this year from mexico to Alaska that means 1650 extra emaciated whales sank or where not discovered .

There is so many dead mammals whales seals sea lions dolphins etc etc one can barely keep up with the barrage of headlines daily and so i,ll only list a few links below due to limits by you tube for links in the descriptions .

Alaska’s 16th dead whale of the year washes up on Kodiak beach


Unprecedented event': 6 North Atlantic right whales found dead in June https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/six-dead-right-whales-1.4176832

Rot in peace: NOAA looking for private beaches where emaciated grey whale corpses can decay http://www.fox5ny.com/news/noaa-looking-for-private-beaches-where-whale-corpses-can-decay

Over 260 dolphins dead in Gulf of Mexico since Feb


Puffins found starving to death in mass die-off


As gray whales starve to death


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