After a month of fishing, Kodiak’s tanner crab fishery has been slow and is slated to close in the next couple of weeks, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  

I consider myself an environmentalist. I have heard a lot of sneers and jokes about those “tree-huggers” and “animal lovers” who would rather save a bird than eat, rather look at a bunny in the forest than have a road built there to go faster to the next place of interest, rather have a field with nothing on it but bugs and mice than a profitable shopping mall. I have heard environmentalists openly or by implication called a little crazy or mental. Don’t get me wrong — I would not fight every fight just because it is fought under the banner of environmentalism; I carefully pick my battles. The good news is that there are many people out there who will stand up for what they consider important and are willing to spend time and energy preserving what they care for.

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The U.S. Navy is seeking public comments on an environmental impact analysis to assess the potential environmental effects of their training activities in the Gulf of Alaska in 2022 and into the near future.  

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