Letter to the Editor

Sept. 25, 2012

To the editor:

Lately when I turn on the radio, the talk is all about the presidential election, and that’s important. But it’s local issues I want to hear about, especially with the municipal election coming up Oct. 2. We’ll be voting for borough leaders, the mayor especially, and a proposition that affects us right here at home.

It turns out there are clear differences between Mayor Luke Hopkins and his opponent, Norm Phillips. That’s a good thing, because it’s important voters know the kind of leaders they’re electing. I followed the Interior Taxpayers Association forum, the debate at the Carlson Center and I’ve heard the ads. I have to say up front that Luke has earned my vote.

First, there’s Proposition 3, which Rep. Tammie Wilson got on the ballot. Prop 3 takes away the borough’s ability to have a say in decisions affecting our air, allows people to burn anything they want in woodstoves and turns the problem over to the state and feds to decide. But I believe that government works best when it’s local, not far away. Norm votes “yes” with Tammie. Luke votes “no,” so we’ll have local choices.

And by the way, I’m tired of all the lies I’m still hearing about Luke taking wood stoves away. He’s the one who grandfathered them in, who made sure my parents can keep their woodstove, and I like that. I like staying warm.

Actually, I’m not sure how much Norm knows about borough government. He showed up at an assembly meeting last week, but I’m pretty sure that was the first one he’s been to in years. And at the mayor’s forum today, Norm said he’d show up once per month to the weekly Chamber board meetings. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer a mayor who has better than a 25 percent attendance record. I recently came across the report card Doyon Limited put out on the mayor’s race three years ago when Norm was still CEO. Luke received a “five,” the highest grade given. That’s a vote I agree with Norm on.

Jane Smith

North Pole