FAIRBANKS - We received many, many wonderful submissions in our holiday haiku contest. We received so many good ones, in fact, that we couldn’t pick just one that was truly better than all the others.

So I decided, in accordance with the fine print on page 42 of our judging handbook, to expand the number of winning entries. We had originally said we were going to give just one small prize — a $25 Visa gift card — but we’ve decided to give one to each of our top haiku writers.

Congratulations to our three winners (see below). We’ll be in touch with you soon to get you your prize.

As for the batch of haiku entries you see here, well, it doesn’t contain all of the ones that were submitted. We did allow people to submit two haikus each, but there isn’t enough room on this page to print them all. So what you see here is a sampling from as many individuals as possible.

Thanks for playing and for bringing us, and your fellow readers, some holiday cheer.

—Rod Boyce, managing editor


Our winners:

Chinook caresses

Teaches frosty winter trees

December dances

—Glenn Hackney

Tear runs down my face

Short calls to the combat zone

Merry Christmas, Dad

—Eryn Tanner

The year’s shortest day

Time to quietly enjoy

a simple solstice

—Sandra Coutolenc


Holiday haiku

I look around me

There is so much in store

The sky's the limit

—Jahkayla' Ball

Angels in the snow,

Children merrily playing,

The joy of Christmas.

—Jovante Kincade

Reindeer hooves clicking

On a chilly Christmas Eve

As Santa gives gifts

—Megan Czeiszperger, Eielson Air Force Base

Reindeer are prancing

Ready for Santa’s exit.

Toys for all children!

—Ben Mathias, North Pole

Christmas fever spreads,

Snow falls lightly on Earth’s floor.

Excitement is here

—Tyler Moore, Eielson Air Force Base

Santa’s on his way

Cookies and carrots await

Stockings hung, notes done.

—Nancy Gigliotti, Fairbanks

More! And more! And more!

Yet joy seems further distant.

Wise ones seek His peace.

—Linda Kajiwara Joyce, Fairbanks

Snow blankets spruce boughs,

A babe swaddled beneath, smiles

Lighting winter’s walk.

—Nancy Hanson, Fairbanks

I hear the angels,

To my surprise I see you

My heart full of warmth

—Sta Wil

Charcoal, carrot, hat.

Little tots, cheery laughter.

Welcome back Frosty.

—Diane Bunker, Salcha

My kringle was whack,

my pudding caused heart attack.

Appreciate Mom

—David Underwood, Fairbanks

Wrapping gifts ‘til dawn..

..what Christmas is all about!

And where's that darn tape?

—Mishelle Nace

Bright lights birth warm cheer

Carols proclaim joy and hope.

Merry Christmas all

—Sally O’Connell, Fairbanks

Santa's on his way

Making up my Christmas list

Cookies on his plate

—Molly Forrest, 10

Santa is awesome

He gives toys to children

Santa is the best

—Brian Forrest, 12

I sought and got all.

Satisfaction eludes me.

His peace fills the void.

—Linda Kajiwara Joyce

Our hearts fill with joy.

We set out milk and cookies.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Uh Oh…

—Zoe Nace, 10, Chinook Montessori Charter School

Gingerbread cookies

mistletoe on the ceiling

today's Christmas day!

—Spencer Mannan

Star shining so bright.

Mother Mary and Joseph.

No place to lay heads.

—Nancy Kinsey, Salcha

Sugar plums dancing,

bring us some figgy pudding,

Old English Christmas

—Sandy Magar-Speed, Fairbanks

Snow falling outside

Each snowflake’s never the same

I stare and wonder

—Cherlayne White, North Pole

Lay off the cookies.

You’re going to be a blimp

Just like Santa Claus

—Aleshea Mingus, North Pole

Red, plump, beard and sleigh.

Santa is coming, hooray!

All I want is CHEESE!

—Marilyn Russell, Fairbanks

Softly, falling, slow

white as angel’s wings, they sing

causing art of frost

—Samuel Riggs


Patricia Carosso’s fourth-grade Nordale Elementary School class:

Winter is here now

The snow will be really cold

I get chills sometimes.

—Missy B.

The snow is shining.

Santa is coming to town.

I love Christmas Eve.

—G. B.

The snow is falling.

Christmas is coming to town.

Santa is here now.

—Damian C.

I like hot cocoa.

Right after playing outside.

Mmm, it warms me up.

—Madison E

The leaves are falling.

The wind is hitting the trees.

So I watch a tree.

—Orion F.

Snow is in winter

You can play in winter on snow.

That’s why I like snow.

—Shawny F.

It is Christmas time.

It’s time for Santa to come.

I get my presents.

—Payton R.

Upon my yard I

see a snowman made of snow.

It will fall, I know.

—Ryan M.

The ice is hard out.

There is snow on the rooftop.

The wind blows the snow.

—M. N.

Nordale is awesome.

Nordale is so colorful.

Nordale is a school.

—Arusha P.

Winter is lovely.

So get outside and have fun.

Have a happy cheer.

—Kaden P.

This time of year rocks.

Santa is coming to town.

I love Christmas time.

—Lydia W-E.