Nov. 25, 2012

To the editor:

Over the years I have observed that many stores got so greedy that they stay open on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. I also have taken trips to see how many people were shopping on the two days I mentioned. I think it costs the stores more to open on those days. I think about electric and other utility bills and wages for all employees among other expenses the stores have to pay for, and the small number of customers on those two days does not seem to bring in enough money to pay the store’s huge overhead.

Forcing employees to work on those two holidays robs them of their time with their families and celebrating Thanksgiving, which is giving thanks to God for all he has given us, and Christmas, which is celebrating and commemorating the birth of Jesus, the son of God and our lord and savior. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The stores, with all their advertising, commercialize them, obscuring the true meaning of the holidays, all in the name of their bottom lines. 

Years ago, many stores closed on these two holidays. Now most of them remain open. All stores, please close on these two holidays so all employees can spend them with their families as they should be able to. Don’t put greed before family.