FAIRBANKS — Celeste Mandabach is a fourth-grade student at Ann Wien Elementary School with a habit for producing excellent artwork.

Celeste’s teachers say she has an exceptional ability to create art in different media and scenarios.

“While some students excel in one medium or technique,” one teacher said, “Celeste produces thoughtful, creative pieces regardless of whether she is working oil pastels, water color or pen and ink.”

One particular technique Celeste has worked in recently in which her teacher says she has excelled is called zentangles, wherein the artist creates a piece from “repetitive patterns based on nature.”

Another of Celeste’s teachers notes that she seems to have an intuitive grasp of the elements of composition.

“She consistently uses color in her designs in a way that highlights the design elements,” her teacher said.

Celeste says she appreciates the free-form nature of art, in that she can make up her own designs for projects. Just having time to work on her art at school helps her pursue her desire to become an artist. 

Celeste said when she grows up she would like to design fabrics, a career for which her art teacher believes she has an excellent skill set.

Her influences include her brother who both draws and works as a carver and Ron Senungetuk, an artist from Wales, Alaska.

Weston Morrow