Seed time

It might not feel like it, especially after a long winter of mostly below-freezing temperatures, but spring will get here eventually, and with it comes planting season.

The most important thing to know about the seed chart you’ll find here is it’s a recommendation based on the average outdoor planting day of June 1. In recent years, thanks to a warming planet, you’ve been able to plant outdoors before June 1. Other years, it’s been a few days after June 1. Regardless, the seed planting times here are not a hard and fast rule — a day or two off, even a week or so — won’t make that much of a difference.

One big thing to keep in mind come transplanting time is soil temperature. Raised beds will be warmer than in-ground planting, so take that into consideration when transplant time comes later this spring.

Until then, it’s time to dig out the grow lights and seeds to get your garden growing early this year.