Outdoors Editor’s note: Trip Report is an ongoing series about trail conditions around Interior Alaska. 

Trip location: Angel Rocks

Trip date: Oct. 20

Travelers: Jenny Cook, Robert Cook, 12, and Natalia Cook, 7

Access: Trailhead to the bench and back the same way

Trail or route conditions, wildlife sightings and highlights: The first 1.2 miles was clear and well-packed, with lots of icy areas where it has been heavily used. The 2 miles leading up to the bench steadily got deeper and deeper, with the trail packed down only from the group of snowshoers ahead of us.

The last mile from the bench was stunning, with a large amount of white fluffy snow.

The loop heading back down the Angel Rocks was very icy and not in an enjoyable condition — doable, but not enjoyable.

My kids — ages 12 and 7 — enjoyed the hike, but the snow was really deep for them.

I recommend taking snowshoes, if you’re hiking beyond the loop, and Yaktrax or microspikes for the loop. We used neither!

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