The Department of Natural Resources has received a trapping cabin construction permit application from an individual who intends to build a cabin on the east side of the Kandik River along Indian Grave Creek, approximately 60 miles north of Eagle. The department is now accepting public comment on the proposal until Sept. 9.

According to a public notice, Heith Hoerdeman is proposing to build a 14 feet by 14 feet cabin to provide safety and overnight respite due to the geographical remoteness and distance from emergency services of his trapping activities. Hoerdeman operates a trapline that is 80 miles long with his family. The site is accessed via airplane, snowmachine or boat.

If successful, Hoerdeman will hold a permit for the cabin from 2019-29. Further details can be found here:

The deadline for public comments is 5 p.m. Sept. 9. Written comments can be sent to the Division of Mining, Land and Water at 3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709. Questions concerning this proposal or requests to view the full application packet should be directed to Nikki Potter, Natural Resource Specialist. Potter can be reached by calling 907-451-2710 or via email at