With the remainder of the 20B moose hunting season approaching, the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources Office has announced that Alaska Army and Air Force commands have coordinated training scheduling in order to maximize recreational land access while ensuring training can take place to meet the military readiness needs.

“We understand the importance of hunting to the Alaskan Interior and go to great lengths to provide reasonable access to military training lands during hunting season,” the news release states.

Moose hunt dates in 20B are Sept. 1-15 for resident hunters and Sept. 5-15 for nonresident hunters. For those planning on hunting, Fall 2019 Recreation Maps for military training lands for the period of Aug. 25 to Sept. 30 are available online at bit.ly/2Yox4Ii

The maps, which are downloadable, detail the most up-to-date information about available hunting lands, road closures and any restrictions for certain areas. The website is also the place to get recreational access permits and to check in online prior to entering Fort Wainwright lands.

The news release reminds recreational users that maintaining readiness and responding to potential contingencies is the military’s number one priority.

“Alaska-based units must be prepared to deploy globally at a moment’s notice to fight and win our nation’s wars,” the release states. “The Army and Air Force reserve the right to adjust the lands available for hunting in order to facilitate scheduled and unscheduled critical training in support of worldwide deployments.”

To ensure the safety of civilian sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts and Army personnel, Fort Wainwright Law Enforcement, in partnership with Alaskan Wildlife Troopers, will patrol and enforce hunting regulations on military lands.

For more information, contact the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources Office at (907) 361-9686.

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