Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

From: Fairbanks

Sept. 23

Hunt location: Tanana River

Cartridge: .338 Winchester Magnum

70 1/2 inches

Jacob Wright, left, is originally from Fort Yukon. He’s hunted his whole life and has been in the 60-Inch Club before, but this is the biggest moose he’s shot. It’s also the largest moose in this year’s 60-Inch Club.

On Sept. 23, Wright was on the first day of a hunting trip with his cousin Brent Peter near the Tanana River. A couple hours into their hunt, they were raking with a scapula to attract a bull when they heard this bruiser.

“He wasn’t really raking a whole lot, but you could hear his antlers scraping on the willows,” Wright said.

Wright and Peter walked back a long way from the river before they found the moose. Near a lake about

11/2 miles back from the river, they

saw the bull stand up in the brush about 100 yards away. Wright shot it and brought it down.

Although it was a big moose, Wright said he wouldn’t shoot again if he saw a moose that was this far from the river. Wright and Peter ended up going back to the village of Tanana, where they got more people and a four-wheeler to help them haul out the animal.