Isabelle Miller

Isabelle Miller


From: Fairbanks

Hunt location: ‘Between the Alaska Range and the Brooks Range’ 

Sept. 13

Cartridge: 7mm-08 Remington

67 inches 


Gabe Miller was in last year’s 60-Inch Club with a 63-inch moose he’d hoped would be his daughter’s first moose but which he ended up shooting before they lost it in the willows. 

This year his 12-year-old daughter Isabelle got her first moose and also made the 60-Inch Club with this 67-inch bull.  

Like last year, the Millers hunted with their friend Jason Roberts this year. Gabe’s brother Jason Ewing from Arizona also came to help.

The first few days of camp were slow, Miller said. It was warm out with temperatures in the mid-60s. They saw a handful of moose, but they weren’t responding to calls well. 

Then, on the third day they spotted this massive bull from camp and stalked it for more than a mile. As they got closer, Roberts called it in across a clearing to within about 50 yards.  

Like last year, Isabelle set up to shoot, but this time she got a better opportunity and pulled the trigger. 

“Once we got set up, everything kind of worked out for her,” her father said. 

Although it was a great hunt, the family’s memories of it will be bittersweet. Their friend Roberts died in a plane crash a few weeks after the hunt.