The Alaska Department of Natural Resources is selling four parcels of state land for use as remote recreational cabin sites in Southwest Alaska and the Interior.

The four staking areas are Innoko II, along the Innoko River; Kantishna II, along the Kantishna River; Redlands II, along the Chitanana River; and Mankomen Lake, east of Paxson. The application period for entering the draw is Monday to Oct. 11. There is a $75 fee. The drawing will take place Nov. 5. Attendance at the drawing is not required and will not affect the outcome.

The Remote Recreational Cabin Sites 2019 brochure, which outlines the details of the program and the locations of the staking areas, is currently available online at, and in print from the DNR’s Public Information Centers in Anchorage and Fairbanks, as well as other distribution points statewide.

To request a copy of the brochure you can call 907-269-8594 or email Comments on the Remote Recreational Cabin Sites drawing schedule only may be sent to dnr.rrcs@alaska.govd or faxed to 907-269-8916.