Danny Knowles

Danny Knowles 

Manley Hot Springs

Sept. 24

Innoko River

60 ⅛ inches

.300 Weatherby Magnum

Danny Knowles has had exceptional luck with big moose lately. He was in the 2014 60-Inch Club for a bull he shot off the Tanana River and was in last year’s issue for a bull his friend shot near his remote cabin in Western Alaska.

This year Knowles went out hunting alone at his cabin. He was planning to shoot the first legal moose he saw but didn’t have any luck in more than a week of hunting. He saw a half dozen cows but didn’t see a single bull until Sept. 24, the second to last day of the season.

He saw this bull’s antlers 150 yards away on the shoreline.

“They’re fascinating critters to be so big and quite elusive," he said. 

The bull was quartering at Knowles, who dropped him to the ground after shooting him once in the neck.