Brian Powell

Brian Powell

From: Fairbanks

Sept. 16

Hunt location:

Near Glennallen

Cartridge: .300 Winchester Magnum

66 inches

Brian Powell never got a good broadside look at this moose, but he felt confident enough to squeeze off two killing shots at the bull that was quartering toward him.

On the morning of the second day of his hunting trip, Powell was out with friends in the Glennallen area, where he’s been successful in the past. It was an extremely windy day, and this bull walked

into view about 250 yards upwind of him. Powell saw an opportunity as the bull walked toward him at an angle.

“I aimed at the opposite shoulder and made the shot. He immediately spun around and I basically made the same shot from the opposite side,” he said.

When butchering the moose, Powell saw that the two shots had basically made an “X” through a cross-section of the moose’s lungs.

This is Powell’s third time in the 60 Inch Club in his six years of moose hunting.