Lew Bradley's three volume set "Rampages: Alaska's Great White Dall" is seen.

At 23 pounds, Lew Bradley’s new comprehensive three-volume set about sheep hunting in Alaska weighs almost as much as the horns of a full-curl ram.

Hearing him tell it, the process of bringing the books to Alaska from a printer in Canada was almost as much of an adventure as hauling a sheep off a mountaintop.

“It took a semi and a half, because they can only stack them five high,” he said. “The first truck had 26 pallets on it, the next one had 14. Then we had to have a forklift to take them all off.”

The books — titled “Rampages: Alaska’s Great White Dall” — represent decades of sheep-hunting experience and 11 years of research and writing.

Bradley describes the books as a resource that can make people better sheep hunters and also increase their appreciation for Dall sheep.

“You need to understand the animal,” he said. “If you just go out and a guy says, ‘There’s a sheep, shoot it,’ and you shoot it and it gets put on the wall at home, you have no appreciation for the thing.”

Bradley is a retired Green Beret and Wasilla High School physical education teacher and coach. He served on Alaska’s Board of Game from 2008-11. He’s killed 35 Dall sheep, including 14 rams with horns longer than 40 inches.

Volume 1 of the book consists of some of Bradley’s own hunting stories, some stories about hunters who have died while sheep hunting and Bradley’s practical advice for planning a sheep hunt.

Volume 2 has 98 sheep hunter profiles.

Volume 3 is about sheep biology, including the sheep life cycle, population dynamics and sheep with unusual horns.

In all, the work covers sheep hunting in Alaska between 1914 and 2018 and includes more than 600 sheep photos; 95 charts, graphs, tables and maps; 65 pages of harvest statistics; and 57 poems.

The set of books costs $360 if purchased in person. It’s only available as a complete set.

Lewis Bradley will be signing copies of his three volume set “Rampages” at the Fairbanks Sportsmen’s Warehouse today from noon to 9 p.m., and Saturday noon to 5 p.m.

For more information about the book set, go to rampages123.com.


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