Record collectors, thrifting enthusiasts and parents shopping for school supplies can stop by Tanana Valley Fairgrounds for this month’s community garage sale.

Friday was the first day of the June sale, with a steady stream of people perusing wares under the shelter of the Borealis Pavillion. The idea came about last year, during Executive Director Mahla Strohmaier’s first summer with the fair. The Tanana Valley Fair Association had begun finding things they didn’t really have a use for and Strohmaier suggested a garage sale.

“So while we were planning that, we said we could really open this up and let people bring their stuff in, and then it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not — which is illustrated by today — and so we did it,” Strohmaier said, “and the feedback was amazing.”

They held another sale in August, then this year decided to continue the tradition. There’s been one in May already, with the second day of the June sale from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. tomorrow, and another sale planned for August.

Rain poured outside on Friday, but within the pavillion, everyone was dry and eyeing the displays.

Kids toys, clothes, school supplies, fair merchandise, cutlery, video tapes, art, books and more were spread out among tables rented by vendors for $25. Food trucks idled outside for the hungry

Even Lucky, the giant inflatable rubber duck, arrived to signal shoppers of the first in-person ticket sales for the Rubber Duckie Race this year.

Laura Schilling, one of the vendors, said that she and her husband had seen the sale last year and were looking forward to attending this year.

“We were here last month and we came today, which is a perfect day to come because we’re indoors,” she said with a laugh.

They had camping equipment, crafts, kitchenware and electronics, as well as books up for sale. Schilling noted people liked to buy the camping and outdoor gear.

Strohmaier said the sale has been great.

“For the people who know about it and use it, we’ve gotten nothing but great feedback,” she said.