OTS: Active

“Trying to wash my hands more, making sure I’m not getting my hands into weird places in public spaces, and trying not to touch my face as much.”

Jeremiah Active, visiting family in Fairbanks

OTS: Behr

“Just trying to stay healthy!”

April Behr, Fairbanks, fisheries biologist

OTS: Brown

“I’m washing my hands a lot. I’m actually doing the six feet of distance when I talk to people. I’m glad that the air is cold, because I think we can get closer to people with the air so cold. I’m scheduled to fly to Salt Lake City in April for my mother’s birthday, but they’ve closed off all visitors to the life care center that she is residing in. So I’m going to communicate with Alaska Airlines — they put out something that said you can cancel a ticket if it was bought in the past few weeks. So I’m going to see what they say about that. When I’m in Seattle, I’m going to keep my distance from people, I’m going to really isolate myself. I didn’t go with a mask, because I think it’s been controversial.”

Karma Brown, Fairbanks, retired

OTS: Butman

“Nothing special. We always practice good hygiene, like washing hands. I did buy those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer for the kids for school, because I know that they can’t always wash their hands. But that’s pretty much it — I’m not shopping for food or toilet paper or anything like that.”

Jana Butman, Fairbanks, military wife