OTS - Alicja Hesse-Quebral

“I try to go to the gym every second day. Also I have a few dogs, so even if it’s cold, I try to go for even a short walk, like 20 minutes or so.”

Alicja Hesse-Quebral 

OTS - Anthony and Rhonda Williams
"I'm from Florida, so I'm not staying healthy right now! We're from Florida, so I think our immune system is a little different."
Rhonda and Anthony Williams
OTS - Bob Sugden

“I have avoided people all week.”

Bob Sugden

OTS - Cassie Serina

“It’s Alaska. It’s winter. I have my happy light, and I watch a TV show every night, so that’s half an hour of light therapy. I’m a massage therapist, so stretching is really important for me. We’ve got a lot of natural medicines in the bush around us, so you’ve got your spruce tips for Vitamin C and your yarrow and colt’s foot for colds.”

Cassie Serina, Ester

OTS - George Johnston Hisamoto

“I try to eat my salads. I love apples and I love salads.”

George Johnston Hisamoto, Fairbanks