Forget-Me-Not Books is rife with plant life, and this week plants came to the store in coffee cups, ready to be sold.

The bookstore has two plant sales a year, one inside and one outside. The annual indoor plant sale took place this week. From the tiniest of greens just starting to sprout to ever-expanding cacti, the store had quite the collection lining the walls.


Denise LaClair looks over some of Forget-Me-Not Books' novels. The used book store has a requests sheet, which sits in front of LaClair. When new books come into the store, employees look them over to see if it is one that has been requested. Kyrie Long/News-Miner

“I think they’re all popular, really, because everybody has different choices,” Donna Schultze said. “Or different plants speak to them. Or, you know, they think something is pretty or odd or unusual — everybody’s a little different in how they look at plants.”

Schultze works at the store.  She stopped to help passing customers over Thursday morning, occassionally asking people whether they needed assistance or helping them check out at the register.

A part of the Literacy Council of Alaska, Forget-Me-Not Books, 517 Gaffney Road, sells used books. The store has a variety of plants poised on shelves and around desks in the store. The annual indoor plant sale, as the name says, takes place inside of the store, with plants lining the wall next to one of the store’s classroom spaces. Proceeds from the sale are donated back to the store by the sale organizer.

While store employees went about their daily schedules — shelving books, helping customers and manning the register — plants waited along a western wall of the store for anybody wishing to buy them.


5: Some plants lingered, ready for buyers on Thursday morning, Sept. 12, 2019, at Forget-Me-Not Books' indoor plant sale. While other plants had gone to new homes earlier in the week, some stayed in the store awhile longer, going up in price the larger they were. Kyrie Long/News-Miner

The smaller plants, the ones inside paper coffee cups, were the cheapest, at $3 per plant, of the selection available Thursday. One of the larger plants is a favorite of Schultze’s.

“I like the Christmas cactuses,” she said, “and they look really good, the ones that we have.”

A few of these types of cactuses were for sale, but others dot the shelves of the store. Some are a few years old, Schultze said, which is determined by the thickness of the plant’s stem. Supposedly, the plants bloom around Christmas, hence the name, but with Alaska’s daylight hours always shifting, Schultze has seen them flower at different times of year.

“They just have to find a spot they like,” she said.

The store continues selling plants through the end of the day today.

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