“The Hawk Shop” television show is ending its run on Sunday.

“The Hawk Shop” has been running live on KFXF Channel 7 since 2008. 

Hawk Shop has been a family operation since the beginning. Host David ‘Hawk’ Hawkins is directed by his son, Andrew Hawkins. The Hawk has been volunteering his time for the show since it first began, never taking a paycheck to be the host. Andy and David have been running the show by themselves for most of the 12 years with Andy doing everything behind the scenes from cameras, lower thirds and commercial breaks, and David doing the work on camera from answering phones calls, providing information and hosting the show. The show’s two mascots, a stuffed monkey and a stuffed marmot (both unnamed) hold a secret word. Through the “secret word,” the show has been able to give away cash, plane and event tickets as well as many other random prizes.

Even though the show’s primary audience is in the Interior, the show has had regular viewers as far away as Hoonah, which is 614 miles away from where the show is aired. Through the use of Facebook Live, the show has reached even further, with one regular viewer watching from South Korea for some time.

For more than a decade, the Hawk Shop has been in the community, but now there are only two episodes left. The Feb. 2 show was the show’s 12th anniversary, and this week’s show, Feb. 9, will be the last show ever. Air time is 4-6 p.m. Alaska time. The last episode will be number 554.