New play festival

The Fairbanks Drama Association and The Looking Glass Group Theatre are seeking submissions for its festival of new Alaska plays. This year marks the festival’s 20th year.

Eight 10-minute plays will be chosen for staged readings for the 8x10 Festival of New Alaskan Plays, held April 24 and 25 at the Hap Ryder Riverfront Theater in Fairbanks.

Guidelines for scripts

The festival is open to Alaska residents only. Only one entry per playwright is allowed, and it’s one author per play. No musicals or children’s plays will be accepted.

Put the playwright’s name and contact information, including mailing address, phone and email, on the cover page. This is the only place the author’s name should appear.

The title of the play, a cast of characters, and the time and place the play is set in should follow the cover page. Number the pages beginning with the first page of dialogue.

Plays should be between 8 and 12 minutes, based on one minute of playing time per page of script in a 12-point font size, and the script should be written in standard playwriting format. The cast size should be no more than eight actors.

Submitting plays

For hard copies, submit five copies of each script. Staple or paper-clip the play, and do not use binders or folders. Plays cannot be returned.

Submissions must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than March 15 to 8X10 Festival, Fairbanks Drama Association/Looking Glass Group Theatre, 1852 Second Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska, 99701.

For electronic submissions, email the play to Entries will be acknowledged by email.

If you have questions about submissions or the festival, email Fairbanks Drama Association Managing Director Peggy Ferguson at or