Capitol Steps

Capitol Steps is performing Friday at Hering Auditorium. 

In the midst of an impeachment trial, a grueling Democratic primary and election year antics, the timing could not be better for Capitol Steps.

The political satire and comedy troupe is returning to Fairbanks on Friday night, and given the current nature of political news, they should not be at a lack for quality content.

“Seriously, it’s been a particularly rough year,” said Anne Biberman, executive director of the Fairbanks Concert Association, the organization behind Capitol Steps’ visit. “Growing bipartisan acrimony, unending political news from the primaries, the impeachment trial, world politics, all of it producing unease for us citizens. A good inoffensive, bi-partisan laugh helps balance those feelings, brings us together, remembering that we can share a good laugh, a fun night out. The Capitol Steps could probably save the world.”

Capitol Steps formed in 1981 as a political satire group comprised of congressional staffers who would write skits and perform routines poking fun at the news of the day as well as congressional goings-on. Now, almost 40 years later, the once-amateur group is now made up of professional comedians who poke light-hearted fun at politics and politicians on both sides of the aisle. Their skits are often musical in nature, starting with an introduction or tale followed by humorous song. Their tagline is “We put the mock in democracy.”

Biberman offered several reasons to see the show: it’s a cold January, we need a reason to come together and have a laugh as it relieves stress and because your neighbors will be there.

“And because they’re hysterically funny,” she said. “They do what they do really well.”

As of 2017, the Capitol Steps had multiple casts, with their website listing more than 25 active members.

The group also has recorded more 35 albums. Obama era albums included “How to Succeed in Congress without Really Lying,” “Fiscal Shades of Gray,” “Take the Money and Run for President” and “Liberal Shop of Horrors.” The Trump era has seen albums “Orange Is the New Barack,” “Make America Grin Again” and their latest, “The Lyin’ Kings.” They’ve also been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS.

The show is appropriate for all political persuasions, with Biberman calling it a “bipartisan date night with side-splitting laughter.”

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If You Go

What: Capitol Steps

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31

Where: Hering Auditorium, 901 Airport Way

Tickets:Available online at