The Jewish Congregation of Fairbanks, Or HaTzafon, would like to acknowledge and thank Jay Ramras. Without his generosity, our community Seder would not have been possible. As always, the staff, under the direction of Ursula Gottschling at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge, was cheerful, hard-working, helpful and generally amazing, and the Binkley Room provided the perfect atmosphere for our celebration of Passover. We would like to give a shoutout thanking the following individuals for volunteering their time to make this a special event for all: Dafna Ezran-Young, Shelly Foint-Anderson, Peter Gilbert, Andrea Josh and Zack Greenberg, David Guttenberg, Elyse Guttenberg, Norma Haubenstock, Beth Hughes, Naomi King, Sarah Post, Nina Rawson, Robyne, Greg Trevino, Shannon Vargas and Becca Wachter.